May 3rd agenda

Hey fellow slugs!

Saturday May 3rd is coming up and it’s a big day for our club. We’ll be running the cardiac pacer and holding an election for next year’s officers + a barbecue. Everyone is welcome to come to either event or both.

Here is the current timeline for that day:

9:00am: Meet where we normally do for practice (east field track) to warm up for the race and sign in. The race is free for those in the club and $5 for those outside of the club.

10:00am: Cardiac Pacer starts near the road by the gym at east field.

~11:15am: Award Ceremony

~11:40 (after awards ceremony): Start the barbecue (there’s a grill near where we meet for practices)

12:00am:  Start the elections for next year’s officers. The only requirements to become an officer are that you’re committed to the team and willing to help out a little bit. You will be guided through the specifics later on.

Becoming an officer benefits the club and can bolster your resume or grad school app as leadership based volunteering.

The positions that need to be filled are:

  • President: Make sure everything  gets done by either you or a fellow officer.  Tasks include but are not limited to: races, shirts, paperwork, practice times.
  • Vice-President: Help out the president.
  • Travel Officer: Be in charge of how the team gets from campus to races/events and back.
  • Treasurer: Collect money, keep a record of it, manage the bank account.
  • Secretary:  Find ways to advertise for the club and respond to people interested in joining (through email usually)
  • Medical Officer: Know CPR in case any one gets injured.


If one of those does not suit you, perhaps you might be interested in helping out through an optional officer position:

  • Team Captain:  Lead the team through stretches, “slug chants” at races, etc.
  • Photographer: Take photos at important events such as first practice, races, etc.
  • Webmaster: Maintain the website and/or the facebook group page and/or email.  If no webmaster, these need to be maintained by other officers.


It’s a lot of information and I know I didn’t cover every little detail. If you have any questions or just want to know some more specifics, feel free to email me at

Mike Mueller