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Club Staff

  • President:┬áMichael Mueller <mtmuelle@ucsc.edu>
  • Vice-President: Edwin Ayala <edaayala@ucsc.edu>
  • Secretary: Alex Pieretti <apierett@ucsc.edu>
  • Travel Officer: Miles Heapes <mheapes@ucsc.edu>
  • Treasurer: Connor Hagimori <chagimor@ucsc.edu>
  • Webmaster: Matthew Musselman <mmusselm@ucsc.edu>
  • Medical Officer: Karen Zaragoza <kzaragoz@ucsc.edu>
  • Team Captain: Jesus Mendez <jmendezm@ucsc.edu>
  • Coaches: Stefano Profumo <profumo@ucsc.edu>,┬áChris Ratliff <chrismonicaratliff@sbcglobal.net>


Please contact an officer or a coach if you have questions about the club.

UCSC Cross Country Club